Moments captured at the end of the day are what we pass on to the future generations.  As a mother, I now know more than ever that the captured moments we leave behind are the ones we will be remembered by.  One of the best decisions we can make is to chose the right person to trust with all of those captured moments. 

As a photographer, I get to experience the best moments of people's lives.  I get to photograph couples making the promise of forever, couples committing themselves, couples then bringing life into this world, and continue to love each other. I have the honor of witnessing the tears, the laughter, and the greatness that comes with a wedding day.  My camera is my tool.  It is my tool to immortalize the very best of people's lives.  As I've photographed over 100 weddings in my seven years of being a wedding photographer, I have come to know what moments are dearest to my clients. It's the moments of emotion. It's the moments of passion. It's the moments of pure joy.



  • Dec 30, 2017